UCLA student out on bail for choking a woman at a frat party. Jeeze, what is going on at my school?



At least he was arrested. Gives me hope for my campus.

Also its 5am and I don't know why I'm up watching the news. I got my heat back though and my professor is sick. I'm going to stay home until 5 and then get my letter of rec from my favorite professor! But the whole day will be spent eating thin mints and watching TV. Oh and working on my oral report that I'm terrified of giving. I love public speaking, but I just had a bad dream where Putin (yes, that Putin) was grading my paper and I failed. Ugh, I don't know where my mind goes. Why Putin? I used to be obsessed with him in high school (again, don't know why, maybe it was the topless pics). And it was about something called a 'Xanax tree'. Where my mind goes when I'm stressed. I need to look up what this dream is about.